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chinese lingerie wholesale DO or DON'T: The Spare Pair (Pair of Sexy Underwear, That Is)

You guys! I have to know if lingerie suppliers china youre into this funny trend from the U.K. I read about yesterday.


PinterestWhen Corset Manufacturer China Im preparing for a night out, I use a little mnemonic device my best friend taught me to help remember to bring the essentials: PMILK. It stands for Phone, Money, ID, Lip Gloss, Keys. Helpful, right? (Except I still forget at least one of those things every time I leave the house. My mom says I would forget my head if it wasnt attached.) But thats not the trend, although it should be--seriously, its useful! The trend is packing one more item into your clutch, if you can fit it....

According to the Daily Mail, 43% of British women going on dates are slipping a sexy pair of knickers into their handbags. You know, in case the date goes better than expected (saucy little minxes, said in my terrible fake British accent). Related: 60% of women do not want to admit to their partners that they wear shapewear. So, it seems like the idea here is that women are wearing some not-so-sultry Spanx-type contraptions to keep things smooth under their LBDs. Its a hookup catch-22: It makes your body look sexier, but then you dont want to actually have sex because your underwear is so heinous.

Which is ridiculous, because everyone knows that according to the Official Laws of Science (not real), youre most likely to end up in a situation where you want to hook up when youre wearing granny panties, you havent shaved your legs in weeks, and you possibly even have your period. If you wear black lace and pay a visit to the waxer, its inevitable the guy will be a total dud. Thats just fact.

I personally dont carry around spare underthings, but I also gave up shapewear years ago. Not because Im secretly Gisele Bundchen or anything (sigh), but because I feel like it just makes more unseemly lumps and red lines wherever it ends. And luckily for me, granny panties are back. But what are your thoughts?

Do you ever bring extra underwear on a date, just in case? Are you embarrassed for your guy to catch you in a beige body-stocking of shapewear? Whats your go-to date undergarment?

Crazy undies, underwear money, and more dirty laundry (literally)!

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